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Have you already tried 1-800-InventHelp, and George Foreman didn’t help?


Morgan ManufacturingTM is an inventor-centric company that helps the everyday inventor go from idea to product to market. We offer services dedicated to helping young entrepreneurs and inventors get their ideas turned into a real sellable product.


We team up with you, the inventor and walk you through the process. From your sketch on a napkin, to the 3D Modeling, patent process and trademark registration, Morgan Manufacturing helps you achieve your goals, one milestone at time.

Once we have your product made and ready for sale, we help you with your web and marketing too. Guiding you through the tough world of retail and marketing, we can help you get your product on the Amazon Marketplace and also in to Walmart stores and online.

Give us a call today and book your FREE CONSULTATION about how Morgan Manufacturing can help get you and your idea into the marketplace and moving forward in the eCommerce world.


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